Sneak Peek! Back of Novel Description!

Well everyone…after 150 likes on my Facebook page it’s time to reveal the back book description. Now, like I mentioned in my last post this isn’t the full synopsis (that’s coming very VERY soon) this is what will be on the back cover of my novel along with the synopsis.

I also wanted to mention that what you are about to see is not what the back of the book will look like. My cover artist is working on the cover as we speak!

Without further ado…here it is!

Back of Novel 1

11 thoughts on “Sneak Peek! Back of Novel Description!

  1. Brilliantly Novel says:

    Ummmm, so when is this coming out again?! I’m not sure if I’m super excited or just plain frustrated because that is an awesome blurb and I want to read it NOW. Tease Lol 😛

  2. Tree says:

    Very Intriguing back book! I can’t wait to read it Jaime
    The look is good too. I like the font you used and the flashes of RED are great! It’s exciting to see you follow your dream. Good for YOU!

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