The Reviews Are In!!!


The time has come for my first round of reviews for my debut novel! These reviews are coming from my first beta test group that I’m very excited to share with all of you.

Disclaimer: The Beta Readers have not been compensated in any form and their reviews are true testimonies of what the reader thought about my novel.

“I could NOT put this book down!! It has action, suspense and romance! Everything you could ask for in a great read:) I can’t wait to read it again and to get the whole series! All I have to say is KEEP WRITING because I want more!!!
P.S. I need to know what happened to Collin!! Dying here!! Get the second book out soon! I LOVE this book!”
“This story is unique and interesting in many ways. It is energetic and unpredictable, I found the pages turning faster as I followed Breanna’s unfolding life. Everyone must learn to balance responsibilities and desires and this book reminds us of the choices we make everyday that guide our lives. The plot is very intricate and takes some unusual turns that readers will not have seen before.  A well-written story that young adults will love! This book was full of energy and well-developed characters, it goes quickly and will leave eagerly awaiting the next installment. Highly recommended!”

“I have just had the opportunity to preview the book that Jaime Guerard is about to publish…WOW!  I was so impressed with her ability to tell a story.  Her writing style keeps you intrigued and certainly keeps you guessing.  There is no predictability in the story line. Throughout the book, she constantly introduces new elements, with twists and turns.  Good luck trying to figure out where she is going with the story.  You will find out only when she wants you to know.

This is a book that will not only be enjoyed by young people, but people of every age.  I can’t tell you how much I loved this book.  I anxiously await the sequel!”


“It is rare for me to find a book that I can’t put down.  Jaime’s novel has been a great read; exciting, even frightening at times, but also innocent and sincere.  The story weaves together perfectly always leaving me wondering… what will happen next?”

(Seen synopsis only – Katie is in 2nd beta group)

“Each time I find out a new detail of the story it leaves me wanting more! I can’t wait to get my hands on this book and put all these “details” together!”


“Couldn’t put it down! Excitedly awaiting what happens in the rest of the series! A healthy mix of suspense, danger, romance and just a great plot make it a must read!”

Here are the next beta test readers. After they finish my MS I will post their reviews for all of you to see.

 Beta Group

Pick A Name…Any Name


So it’s Saturday morning and I have only had about three hours of sleep. Why do you ask did I only get three hours of sleep? Well…the simple answer is, my mind just wouldn’t shut off! Remember the post titled Get In My Head? Don’t worry, it’s nothing like that post. It’s just that as I near the final days of the big “waiting game” the pressures of it all begin to pile on and my mind begins to fill up with everything I still need to accomplish.

The big hurdle that I’m facing right now is the name. About two years ago I came up with the perfect name. I was dead set on it until recently. While I was searching B&N, I discover a book (that was just released) with the same name I was going to name my MS. For all you authors out there who have had a similar experience like this one, you know what I’m talking about when I say that my heart sank. I literally sat at he computer for a good half-n-hour with my mouth hanging open as I silently screamed NOOOOOOOO! You see, I’ve been working on this current MS for four years and it took me two of those four years to settle on a name in the first place.

Since that decision to put that name to rest and re-name my book it’s been a very tiresome process. Every time I think of something else and google it I find many books with the same name. It would be okay if the book was years old or not in my genre but all the names I come up with are taken.

So here begs the question…do I give up?

No, silly! 

Of course I wont give up, but what I do need is a little help. Perhaps, some of you creative thinkers out there might have some great words that you could through my way. My last post I gave a small sneak peek into my book. You can see that here. Read it and if you think of anything that might help me out please send me an email. You can email me in the contact me page here.

BIG NEWS! To anyone who suggest a name and I actually pick it, I will give them an advanced copy of my book! So again just send me a message in the contact me page or send me a personal message on my facebook.

And The Question Is…

I was reading on a blog earlier, YA Highway, and they do this thing called Road Trip Wednesday. Now I know it’s not Wednesday, yet, but I thought I would answer one of their questions they asked their readers awhile ago.

The question is: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


Okay, everyone has been asked this question. Most likely, multiple times throughout your life but I wanted to answer it again because my answer and direction has changed drastically since I began to write. If you were to ask me that question a few years ago I might have said; I want a house in Oregon working with a big company and climbing the corporate ladder. Now that’s not the case at all. I do still want that house with a white picket fence and all but “climbing the corporate ladder” isn’t want I have in mind any longer.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that climbing the corporate ladder isn’t a good thing (because it is). What I’m saying is that it’s just not for me anymore. I want other things and have other dreams.

So, here it is! In five years time, I want this current book series to be out and selling (all three books). For a time frame I would love all of them out and selling by 2015 or sooner. I told you before (in previous blog posts and also on Facebook) that I have other manuscripts in the works and would love to put a release date on that next book in 2015. I do have a book title for that but I wont be releasing that information until I’m ready to publish it…I know I know, I’m a mean person but I guess you will have something to look forward too!

I also (and I know that I’m dreaming really BIG now)  want to have this current book series in the works for movie rights. I CAN DREAM CAN’T I? hehe

I also want to be working full time as an author! Composing, writing, making stories that are in my head come to life onto the page and sharing that with the world, that would be just a dream come true for me! I currently work a day job but I have to say (before I go on) that this job (working as a property manager) has been the best job I have every had. I work with an amazing company and some amazing people and to say that I’ve been more than blessed is an understatement! It truly was my saving-grace back when I was searching for a job. At the time no one would hire me because for four years I was a stay-at-home-mom but then I got that wonderful call asking if I would like the job. That was a good day! However, being able to wake up everyday, sit down at my desk with a cup of coffee and dreaming up a story, that’s heaven!

So there you have it, my 5 year plan. I would love to know what your five year plan is! Please leave me a comment below and tell me what it is. I’ve always said that if you keep on speaking it out, believing in yourself and work hard, you can achieve anything!


Busy Day Today

Today a lot is happening in my world. I sent my work off to my second editor who will be going over my manuscript with a fine tooth comb. Most authors have their work looked at by a few different people before it’s marked as “complete” and finally published. I just got the first few chapters back and will be going through it line by line taking things out, putting things in and generally sitting for hours trying to figure out if I like the end result or not (its a very time consuming ordeal).

I will also be finalizing my overview that has been keeping me up all night. So I can almost guarantee that by the end of the day I will either be completely loony frolicking down the street in 30 degree weather or totally exhausted staring at a blank wall for hours. Either way I will be a step closer to the end result!

So for now, I bid you farewell!


My book printed out. 28 Chapters!

Taking You Back

It’s a beautiful crisp fall day here in Northern Nevada. The trees are beginning their normal transformation–changing vibrant colors of reds, oranges and yellows. Hot coffee is steaming in the coffee pot, the fire is roaring in the fireplace and comfy robes are a necessity on days like this. Sitting here, all bundled up on the couch and looking aimlessly outside my window, I began to think back on the time when I lived in a small two bedroom home with three boys all under 5, I was 28 years old and not a clue as to what I should be when I grew up. I have always had dreams, dreams I would be a famous singer or a back-up dancer for Janet Jackson (don’t laugh you know you had dreams like that also) but like many of you who are older with families your dreams begin to slip away from you as time goes on. And lets face it, even though you keep telling yourself every year that, “next year I will start,” life just always gets in the way and you never end up doing what it is that you love.

Up until that point I think in some ways I stopped dreaming a little and just went on with everyday life. Until one day on my oldest sons birthday in October 2008, this amazing idea for a manuscript hit me. For a moment I didn’t know what to think because this idea was way to good for me to think up. The more and more I thought about the idea, the more I found myself wanting to know how the story would go and more about the characters. So the next month I decided I had to begin writing, even if it was only for me. It was my only escape from the everyday motherly duties. Although in-between my writing I still had laundry to do, diapers to change, meals to make and a house to clean. I wrote whenever I could. Most of the time it was early in the morning when the kids were still asleep or really late at night when the whole world was silent. It was something that I wasn’t going to give up on.

I’m glad to say, four years later I am thankful that I never gave up!

I’ve always said that anything worth doing isn’t easy; and I tell you it wasn’t. In the early days of my writing I lost my manuscript 3 times! I literally signed in one day to find that all three chapters where gone! No getting it back. The second time my computer had crashed and I lost everything and the final time was when my laptop froze and I couldn’t grab what I had wrote. It was then on the third time of the almost laughable situation (because at that point its the only thing you can do without going insane) was when I knew that I really had something. Something was telling me that this ms was something to not give up on! So I just took a deep breath and began to write again. I just wrote without stopping.

So for all of you out there with big dreams, don’t shove it in the closet never to be opened. The truth is you will wake up one day old, looking back at your life and wondering, “what if?” We only get one life to live and I want to make sure it’s a full one.


Today is my birthday!

So another year gone by.  As I was working on my blog today my husband and I (who is the same age as me) were chatting reminiscently about our high school years.  My husband is getting ready to go back and finish his degree in Political Science mentions to me that he found it depressing that he was thinking we both entered high school nearly 20 years ago.  That number just didn’t seem real to me as the words left his lips.

I am one who believes that you are only as old as you feel, so depending on the day I am anywhere from 16 to 84.  All those mothers out there can understand that theory.

Putting aside age and the increasing feeling of seniority, I look forward to the next year of my life.  I am confident that it will bring to fruition hopes and dreams of years past.  This is my year! I boldly proclaim that all of the hard work and effort poured into this project will finally find its resting place among the best of the best.

So be it!

Let me leave you today with a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Always do what you are afraid to do.”